Non-reflective finish : soft micro-fibre cloth, dry. It's possible for tougher stains to use a silver stone and to rinse it with clean water (no abrasive sponge )
Frosted finish : we recommand the use of a window cleaner product applied with a soft micro-fibre cloth.
Do not wash with high pressure cleaners.
Do not use solvents.
Try not to leave resting water on the furnitures, it may help the appearance of rust (slightly loosen 2 legs out of 4 to create a slight slope if necessary).
Clean more often the furnitures that stay outside (bird droppings are very acid).
As the salt sprays are very abrasive, we can not guarantee that there won't be any corrosion on the products made of galvanized steel if you put them outside, close to the sea. (Despite our anti-corrosion treatment, that only works under normal conditions of use. On the sea board, we highly recommand the products made of aluminium.


Don't try to protect the furnitures with plastic tarps or oilclothes, it may generate condensation that would deteriorate the products.
In winter, if possible, put the products in a dry and aired place.


As the steel is recyclable, we advise to put your end-of-life products in a waste disposal.