All our items are checked before being sent and a sheet containing all the following points is enclosed to each product.


Visual aspect checked

O   Assembled/ disassembled

O Accessories, saws, … counted.

N° ____________________________

In case of complaint, please state the above number.

100% Made in France 

All  our products are controlled with great care.

Some  imperfections aspects mayhowever occur. They are not to be considered as defaults, as the material itself may vary and because of some manual intervention such as welding, for instance.


We use thicknesses of steel (2,5 to 4mm) and aluminium (4 to 6mm) that guarantee an optimal strength of the products that lasts.

The steel we use is pre-treated (electrogalvanised or galvanized) and treated again in our workshops with a phosphating grease removal.

The aluminium is also pre-treated with the phosphating grease removal.

As long as your product is not scratched (steel reached under the paint) it is perfectly protected against corrosion.

Nevertheless, to use outside, and particularly close to the sea, we recommand the aluminium because it resists much better to the salt.